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Is your laptop running slow? nasty pop-ups? crashing or freezing? keeps logging you out of windows? Thats just a few problems we see in our workshop. Of course we also upgrade laptops aswell for that new game which requires more memory, or you could do with that bit extra hard drive space in you laptop.

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Laptop Running Slow?


This can often be down having too many programs running, or even rogue programs (spyware) running in the background eating up system resources, your laptop could even just be ready for a good old tune up and clean out.  We carry out repair work on these sorts of problems every day, if you've got similar problems why don't you nip your computer in to us and we'll get you back up and running as you should be! Please give us a call on 01724 277259 if you need to contact us before bringing your pc in.


Nasty Pop-Up's - Security Errors?


This is one of the biggest problems we are seeing at the moment. Often down to spyware and virus's (viri) whether it's rogue programs running in the background or infections from opening unknown emails/ P2P programs, a lot of the new forms and be really nasty and infect numerous parts of your system.
When you bring your notebook to us we can fully scan and remove such rogue files from your laptopr where possible, some very badly infected systems may require and full windows system re-install - We will contact you before reinstalling incase theres any documents/data that you require


Crashing or Freezing?


This can be caused by numerous problems, including system component failure, overheating, even corrupted software/programs on your laptop.

We can diagnose your notebook and see where the problem lies, once detected we will contact you and we can go over the options available


Laptop / Notebook Upgrades


Whether you want a dvd writer fitting, extra memory adding or a hard drive upgrade, we keep a range of upgrade items in stock ready to be fitted.


All the above problems and many more are what we undertake in our workshop on a daily basis, If you require any more information please give us a call on 01724 277259

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